Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems are vital installations that help protect residential and commercial buildings and the people inside them in the event of a fire. They are designed to detect a fire as soon as it starts and automatically spray water or other fire fighting agents to extinguish the flames.

At Fire Central, we specialise in designing, installing, repairing, and maintaining fire sprinkler systems for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings of all sizes in accordance with latest fire protection Australian Standards. Our team of experts approaches each project with a unique perspective to ensure that we deliver the most effective fire sprinkler system for your property.

Our fire detection and protection systems come with a variety of benefits. First, they offer quick fire suppression, which will save lives and reduce property damage. Secondly, they increase the overall value of the property by demonstrating its level of preparedness and safety. Additionally, a properly installed and maintained sprinkler system can also lower your insurance premiums.

Fire Sprinkler System Installation

We use only top-quality materials and components to ensure your system is reliable and durable. We also offer regular maintenance services, which include testing, inspection, and repairs to keep your system functioning optimally.

Fire Central is an expert provider of following fire sprinkler systems:

Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems
Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems
Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems
Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems
Deluge Sprinkler Systems
Deluge Sprinkler Systems
Pre-action Sprinkler Systems
Pre-action Sprinkler Systems

We also provide a range of other services including installation, upgrade and maintenance for fire alarm and hydrant systems, fire hydrant block plans, ESM maintenance, EWIS system block plans, fire extinguishers and blankets and more.

Install Fire Sprinkler System

A Fire Sprinkler System Today

Don't wait until it's too late! Install a fire sprinkler system today and ensure the safety of your building and its occupants. Contact us to discuss your fire protection needs and get a free consultation today.
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Client Reviews

We recently had Fire Central install the new fire hydrant and fire alarm system at our Burwood Highway project, and we couldn't be happier with the results. The technicians were extremely knowledgeable and efficient, and the company director (Khurram) always remained available in person or on call whenever we needed to discuss the project. He was quick to respond to any of our queries and worked together with us to complete the project in time. I highly recommend Fire Central for anyone in need of reliable fire protection services.

Terence Wang

Fire Central has recently completed the installation of fire sprinkler and fire alarm system for one of my educational facilities in West Melbourne. It was a pleasure to work with them. They are thoroughly professional and willing to go an extra mile to ensure that their clients are satisfied. They have truly exceeded my expectations.

John Qian
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