EWIS System Inspection, Testing & Servicing

Emergency warning and intercommunication (EWIS) systems are critical components of emergency response and fire protection systems. At Fire Central, we provide EWIS system inspection, testing and servicing for properties across Melbourne including commercial and industrial facilities, high-rise residential buildings, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions.

EWIS systems are designed to provide effective emergency warnings and communications during emergencies. This includes fires, evacuations, and other potential dangerous situations.

EWIS System

The specific requirements for EWIS systems vary depending on the type of building, its occupancy, and local regulations. It’s essential for building owners and managers to work with qualified professionals familiar with Australian fire safety standards to design, install, and maintain an EWIS system that complies with all applicable requirements.

At Fire Central, we have extensive experience working with EWIS systems across a wide range of residential and commercial buildings and industrial sites across Melbourne.

Our EWIS system inspection and testing services cover all key aspects of EWIS systems including:

Emergency Warning System

We ensure all emergency warnings, alerts, and evacuation instruction systems are fully operational including visual and audible signals, including sirens, flashing lights, and voice announcements.

Intercommunication Systems

Two-way communication systems between building management or emergency responders and occupants are crucial for providing real-time information, guidance, and updates during emergencies.

Zoning Systems

EWIS systems often divide the building into different zones, allowing targeted warnings and communications to specific areas or floors of the building. This helps avoid panic and confusion during evacuations.

Fire System Integration

EWIS systems can be integrated with other fire safety systems, such as fire detection and alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, fire hydrant systems and smoke detection systems. Integration ensures that all safety systems work together seamlessly during an emergency.

System Compliance

EWIS systems must comply with relevant Australian Standards and building codes, such as AS 1670.4:2015 for fire detection, warning, control, and intercom systems. Compliance ensures that the system meets minimum safety and functionality requirements.

General Testing and Maintenance

Building owners or managers are responsible for regular testing, inspection, and maintenance of the EWIS system to ensure it remains in good working order.

Evacuation Plans

The EWIS system is an essential tool for conveying evacuation instructions to occupants, including the location of assembly points and the safest routes for exiting the building.

Disability Access

EWIS systems are designed to cater to the needs of people with disabilities. They may include features such as visual alarms, text-based messages, and audible announcements with clear and concise information.

Backup Power Systems

To ensure the system’s operation during power outages, EWIS systems often have backup power sources, such as batteries or generators.

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We recently had Fire Central install the new fire hydrant and fire alarm system at our Burwood Highway project, and we couldn't be happier with the results. The technicians were extremely knowledgeable and efficient, and the company director (Khurram) always remained available in person or on call whenever we needed to discuss the project. He was quick to respond to any of our queries and worked together with us to complete the project in time. I highly recommend Fire Central for anyone in need of reliable fire protection services.

Terence Wang

Fire Central has recently completed the installation of fire sprinkler and fire alarm system for one of my educational facilities in West Melbourne. It was a pleasure to work with them. They are thoroughly professional and willing to go an extra mile to ensure that their clients are satisfied. They have truly exceeded my expectations.

John Qian
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